Mission Statement

5StarBMG values loyalty, passion and hard work.We are committed to artistic individuality and sustainability.We work with artists that have raw talent and a genuine desire to succeed.Our mission is to develop their talent and give them an opportunity to share their art.


CEO and Founder

Corey Graham, also known as The RealRoc, is an artist manager, music business entrepreneur, promoter, and most recently, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 5StarBMG. He created this company with his brother, Corman Sevallis, who is also the co-chairman. Together, they bring so much passion and expertise, and they set out to help new, promising artists to break through and reach out to the audience in the best possible way. Ever since he was very young, Corey was very passionate about music, and he had a strong interest in live events and artist development. This led him to explore new opportunities in the industry, and eventually grow his career and expertise
Corey wants to be that someone, and help them feel confident when building their careers in the perilous waters of the music industry. If you care about integrity, truthfulness and passion, well – Corey is most definitely the man you want to hire for the job! He has worked with artists as diverse as Kevlar, Dramagamza, and Monte Carlo, only to mention but a few. In addition to that, He also worked as an event promoter, particularly throughout  the states of North Carolina and South Carolina. Among other projects, he had the opportunity to promote Crunk Juice for BME! Throughout the years, he went from promoting events at small local clubs, to working on major happenings with a national impact.

Today, Corey is an experienced artist manager – the kind of manager who really sees the value in his clients’ abilities, and works hard to make them shine through. The artists he works with can always rely on his around-the-clock availability, his willingness to truly be there for them, and being totally transparent. A manager should be someone whom artists can deeply trust

Currently, Corey is busy running 5StarBMG. Things are taking off for the label, as they recently signed a brand new artist, T Bogie

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CJ Graham, Head Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications has always been a goal that was placed in the forefront of my thoughts and aspirations.  With that being said I have been able to balance journalism, communications, and the field of psychology. While achieving evident success I have experience in an array of skills through rigorous approaches in developing analytical and problem-solving. I value the opportunities in gaining knowledge on different concepts of understanding the field of marketing, communications and entertainment. The entertainment field is well rounded and fulfilled with more than just physical analytics.  It is about being able to apply and understand concepts of mass media and what lines up with a client’s interests and vision.  Considering that we as individuals are all different with various personalities, we all react to situations according to our own perceptions and way of thinking.  This entire concept gives me anticipation and eagerness to receive the opportunity to organize marketing so that is fits a brand in a form of expansion and growth daily.  I would have to say that I have been exposed to various individuals from different cultures and have had the opportunity to work hand in hand with these individuals and gain valuable interpersonal relationships. With my expertise I am looking forward to being part of a great team as such as 5StarBMG.


Corman Sevallis is a music industry professional with a vast and extensive background. He is an A&R representative, as well as a creative director, and artist merchandise director. Corman boasts a well-rounded knowledge of the music industry due to his many years of experience in the sector. He has worked with countless acts and organizations, helping them reach out to the audience and unlock the full potential of their careers.

He covered many roles throughout the years, and he also had the chance to join Viacom as a production manager, Following his graduation from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), Corman became increasingly more focused on branding and fashion, which is something that he was always very passionate about. Working for the merchandise department at Universal Music Group / Bravado was actually a perfect opportunity for him to combine his love of branding and fashion with his background and passion for the music industry as a whole .
Corman also teamed up with his brother, Corey Graham in order to create a company titled 5StarBMG, of which he is a co-founder and former co-chairman. Throughout the span of his career, Corman had the opportunity to work with some of the heaviest hitters in the industry – Including world-class artists like Kanye West, as well as Justin Bieber, Eminem, Ice Cube, Katy Perry and TheWeeknd, only to mention but a few.  Before he dove deeper into the business side of music, Corman was an aspiring artist himself.